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WinPower wins a 140 MW power plant construction supervision contract in Nicaragua

Novembro, 2014Nicaragua

Last month, November 2014, Winpower International, in partnership with DAMEX Germany, GmbH closed a contract to carry out the supervision of the construction of a thermal power plant of 150 MW.

The customer is Albageneration SA, owner, which will own and operate the future thermal power plant. This new electrical power plant will enhance the production of electricity in the Republic of Nicaragua.
By this contract, Winpower/Damex will be responsible for the realization of all Advisory and Supervisory Technical services of different specialties (electrical, mechanical, automation and control of welding pipes and fuel tanks) related to the design, construction, installation and startup of a this power plant which will have 8 engines each 18.5 MW (148 MW in total) of the known and reputed German manufacturer MAN - Diesel & Turbo, The power plant will use HFO (heavy fuel oil) as the primary fuel.
The earthworks for the construction and installation of the fuel tank farm have already begun.